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“Judy Serrano of Make Cents Editing provides a valuable and necessary service to writers. What is particularly unique about her services is that she is thorough, concise, and unobtrusive in her recommendations, and her rates are exceptionally reasonable for what she provides the writer for his/her investment. She takes a positive attitude toward editing, which I found particularly encouraging and helpful. I am happy to recommend her without reservation.”

Author of Fielder’s Choice

“My edited manuscript was due within two weeks and I was without an editor. In desperation, I contacted Make Cents Editing, asking if the manuscript could be completed within a week. Thankfully, it was done even sooner than expected. Thank you!”

Tyler Klumpenhower
Author of We Live Dying

"Judy's expertise in editing was a gift for me, a first-time author. Her work was prompt, thorough, and she was very patient when I was a bit challenged with the technology of her edited work. I have no regrets in hiring Judy for editing; I hope to use her skills again with my next book!"

Cindy Muir
Author of Schooled For Murder

“Every writer needs an editor, and Judy Serrano fills that void with a refined touch. She has smoothed my rough edges and made me a better writer. “

J.C. Berger
Author of Semiclad

“Authors write. The creative juices flow and the words seem to spill out faster than the fingers can turn them from thought to print. The end product, while entertaining, is often an ill punctuated, unformatted, grammatical mess.

Editors read the prized manuscript without taking notice of the creative brilliance. They slash, circle, change, and make notes. Their goal is to bring order, structure and textual correctness to that chaotic jumble of words with no thought or idea of how their efforts can turn a cascading waterfall into monotonous drippings. Sigh.

It is little wonder then that I wanted to shout EUREKA when I found Judy Serrano. An author who holds a masters in English!

Judy understands the creative mind. She rides the waves of elation, sobs with the anguish, and tracks with each twist and turn. All with her pencil in hand. Because she is an accomplished author, she understands the craft of writing. Because she is professionally trained in English, she is a master of the art of the proper use and presentation of the word.

Now that you have written the Great American Novel, finished the latest edition of a historical event, or penned the Ode of the century, it is time to submit it for some gentle tweaking. You can entrust that prized work to Judy with confidence. The result will be a manuscript that you can feel absolutely confident in presenting as professionally edited and ready to publish.

Turn your sigh into a eureka. Go with Judy Serrano as your editor.”

Dr. Ken Bangs

Author of Rosco Jack of Gateway Farm (Black Rose Writing, May of 2014)

Author of Arctic Warriors (submitted for publishing)

“I found Judy to be a warm enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful person in her role as editor. She always responded quickly to my queries, and together we managed to put together a much-improved final draft of my children’s book, The Golden Grasshopper, and I was left with a happy and contented feeling about the process. I hope you have as much success with Judy Serrano as I did.”

James de Blas.
The Golden Grasshopped

“I was not born a writer, although I did have a story to tell. Judy helped turn the story into a book; her grammatical and organizational skills polished my work into a marketable book I can be proud of. Not only is her service affordable, she is efficient, prompt and very easy to work with. I would recommend Judy Serrano to anyone desiring their story to be shaped into a book.”

Wayne Sykora
Political Mold

“Judy Serrano helped get my book, Zamboni, P.I. By Default ready for publication. The manuscript needed a lot of attention and she helped by not only editing but also offering suggestions to improve the final submission. She was thorough and stayed with my project until it was completed and ready for final submission to the publisher. I believe that anyone employing her services will be pleased."

Thomas Mathews Jr.
Zamboni, P.I. by Default

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